Support Services

The Helpline Center provides a variety of different support services for survivors of suicide loss.

Surviving After Suicide Class

The Surviving After Suicide Class is a nine week education and support based class for adults during which survivors will find support as they express and seek to understand the powerful grief they experience.

Monthly Support Groups

Our monthly support groups provide survivors with a powerful community that comes together to share, reflect on, and experience that complex grief that accompanies losing a loved one to death by suicide. Groups are in-person and online.

Individual Survivor Support

If you have experienced the loss of a loved one to suicide you are not alone. It can be challenging navigating the waters of grief on your own but there are supports available. The Suicide Loss and Support Coordinator at the Helpline Center is available to to talk, in-person or over the phone.

Organizational Survivor Support

A death by suicide not only affects family and friends but also many organizations; including places of employment, schools, religious organizations, sports teams, community groups, and many more. Therefore, it is helpful to have support not only for an individual but also for an organization.

Organizational Survivor Support

Caring Cards

Caring cards are made by survivors who understand the pain of losing a loved one to suicide. The cards are sent to survivors near the anniversary of their loved one’s death. If you are interested in receiving a caring card or helping make them, please email

Survivor Resource Library

The Helpline Center has a Survivor Resource Library from which books can be sent to you for no charge.

Survivor Resource Library