Surviving After Suicide Class

Surviving After Suicide Class

Being a survivor of suicide loss is complex and can feel lonely; one can be left with unanswered questions and conflicting emotions. The Surviving After Suicide Class is a nine week education and support based class for adults that is designed to support survivors as they express and seek to understand the powerful grief they experience. Each class focuses on a unique aspect of survivor grief and is followed by a support session allowing members to share their stories. The supportive mourning process is guided by a book and a journal written by Dr. Alan D. Wolfelt that includes practical strategies for coping and healing.

“To integrate your grief into your life, you must experience enough safety to feel your feelings” – Dr. Alan D Wolfelt

In this class, you will experience a safe and confidential setting that will allow you to be open and honest about your own thoughts and feelings.

There is no fee for the class or materials. Must be 18 years old to attend. Registration is required, you can do so below for the next class session. Classes are held beginning in January, April, and September. Email Helpline Center for more information:

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