For Schools and Educators

For Schools and Educators

Schools play a key role in suicide prevention. Teachers, counselors, and all school personnel can have a part in keeping students safe and showing them there is a community that cares about their mental health. Together we can create an environment that is prepared to support any student that is at risk for suicide.

In South Dakota there are already a variety of programs at place to support students. Including Lifelines: A Suicide Prevention Program that helps students and faculty build knowledge around suicide prevention, learn to assess risks, and understand interventions to support students and staff after a death by suicide. Signs of Suicide (SOS) a program that teaches students about the signs and symptoms of depression and suicide and how to support their fellow peers. Sources of Strength (SOS), is a project aimed at strengthening sources of support (protective factors) for students so they have strengths to rely on when times of difficulty come.

For a downloadable full list of suicide prevention resources and programs, click here.

Crisis Planning

It is critical for schools and their communities to have a plan in place for when a crisis happens and there is an attempt or a death by suicide. A crisis plan will help designate roles and resources needed to support students and staff.

See the following resources related to creating and implementing a crisis plan. Postvention: Responding to Suicide and Other Traumatic Death, and Model school District Policy on Suicide Prevention: Model Language, Commentary, and Resources, and Suicide Prevention Resource Center’s (SPRC) 

Promotional Material and Presentations

The Helpline Center provides promotional materials (posters, lanyards, referral cards) upon request for high schools. The Helpline Center also provides presentations to students about 988 and suicide prevention. Material can be requested through the Helpline Center website. For presentations contact

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